David Byron — Take No Prisoners (1975)

“Take No Prisoners” is the first solo album that David Byron recorded while still working with Uriah Heep. The album was recorded in February 1975 at Morgan and Roundhouse Studios (the latter was owned by Gerry Bron) and mixed at Roundhouse. “Take No Prisoners” was released in March 1975 by Bronze Records. The UK and US releases had different covers.

All members of Uriah Heep, including the bass player John Wetton, participated in the recording sessions. Also there were guest musicians, the old friends of David’s — Pete Thompson, Denny Ball and Lou Stonebridge.

Track list:

  1. Man Full Of Yesterdays (Byron/Box/Stonebridge) 5:36
  2. Sweet Rock N’ Roll (Stonebridge/McGuinness) 2:49
  3. Steamin’ Along (Byron/Box/Ball/Thompson/Stonebridge) 5:09
  4. Silver White Man (Byron) 3:29
  5. Love Song (Byron/Box/Kerslake/Stonebridge) 2:56
  6. Midnight Flyer (Stonebridge/McGuinness) 5:55
  7. Saturday Night (Stonebridge) 2:16
  8. Roller Coaster (Byron/Box/Ball/Kerslake/Stonebridge) 3:58
  9. Stop (Think What You’re Doing) (Byron/Stonebridge/McGuinness) 4:16
  10. Hit Me With A White One (Byron/Box/Stonebridge) 3:53

David Byron — Take No Prisoners (US release)


  • David Byron — vocals
  • Mick Box — guitars
  • Lou Stonebridge — keyboards
  • Danny Ball — bass guitar
  • Lee Kerslake — drums
  • Pete Thompson — drums
  • Back vocals — Chanter Sisters, Martha Smith, Neil Lanchaster, Chas Mills and Russ Stone
  • Ken Hensley — acoustic quitar
  • John Wetton — mellotron

Producers — Peter Gallen and David Byron.

Engineer — Ashley Howe.

Assistant engineers — Dave Harris (Morgan), Trevor Hallesy and John Gallen (Roundhouse).

Author: Elena Stepanova

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