The Byron Band — Lost And Found (2003)

Lost And Found is a compilation of tracks recorded by The Byron Band between 1980 and 1982. Robin George, the guitarist of The Byron Band, compiled demo versions recorded at various studios (including David’s home studio in Sonning, Berkshire) and prepared tracks for the release.

Disk One contains demos (tracks 1–6) recorded in 1982 in London, with Roger Flavelle on bass guitar and Steve Braye on drums. Those tracks might be the base for the second album of The Byron Band.

Track 7 is a demo version of “Bad Girl” recorded in 1980. It features Pino Palladino on bass and Pete Thompson on drums. Other tracks included in the Disk One were recorded at David’s home in Sonning beginning from 1981. These are writing demos of the songs.

Disk Two begins with the material that The Byron Band rehearsed in 1981 in London (tracks 1–6). Other songs, except for the last tracks, were recorded live in 1980 in Liverpool and feature Roger Flavelle (bass), John Shearer (drums), Bob Jackson (keyboards) and Mel Collins (saxophone).

The last track, “Angel Song”, is written by Robin George and dedicated to the memory of David Byron. It features Pino Palladino (bass), Charlie Morgan (drums), Peter Green (keyboards) and Chris Thompson (backing vocals).

Track list:

Диск 1:

Writing Demos Live In London ’82

01. Learn The Dance (Byron/George)

02. I Need Love (Byron/George)

03. Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron/George)

04. Safety In Numbers (Byron/George)

05. Bad Girl (Byron/George)

06. One Minute More (Byron/George)


Demo Live Worchester ’82

07. Bad Girl (Byron/George)


Writing At David’s House ’82

08. She Was Good (Byron/George)

09. Fool For A Pretty Face (Byron/George)

10. She Was A Dream (Byron/George)

11. She Got Pride (Byron/George)

12. Untitled Melody  (Byron/George)

13. Learn The Dance (Byron/George)


Disc 2:

Rehearsals London ’81

01. How Do You Sleep (Byron/George)

02. Saftey In Numbers (Byron/George)

03. I Need Love (Byron/George)

04. Piece Of My Love (Byron/George)

05. Goodnight Blues (Byron/George)

06. Last Chance Jam (Byron/George)


Live In Liverpool ’80

07. Bad Girl (Byron/George)

08. Start Believing (Byron/George)

09. July Morning (Hensley/Byron)

10. How Do You Sleep (Byron/George)

11. Sweet Lorraine (Byron/Box/Thain)

12. Piece Of My Love (Byron/George)

13. Liverpool Blues (Byron/George)

14. Roll Over Beethoven (Berry)


Robin George Solo Track

15. Angelsong (George)



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