The Magician’s Birthday: original liner notes

Original liner notes by Ken Hensley.

Uriah Heep — The Magician’s Birthday

Based loosely on a short story which I wrote during June/July this year The Magician’s Birthday brings us to our fifth album. Again we find ourselves saying this is our most important album, but they have all been the most important and we will probably say that about the next one and so on…

Since album Demons & Wizards we have been touring really hard, and recording this new album has helped us to see how the band has progressed; this being reflected by the new songs and the tightness, togetherness if you like, of the finished product.

The Uriah Heep which appeared first on our last album is we feel now in full flight and we are looking forward to the many new adventures that are planned for us. With everyone in the band writing, we have been able to spread out so much more, and if you and 1973 are even half as good to us as you were in 1972, it looks like it could be a very good year.

Ken Hensley 

September 1972

Thank you, Brian Cole, for playing pedal steel guitar on “Tales”.

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