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Uriah Heep — «Look At Yourself» (review)

“Look at Yourself”, Uriah Heep’s third studio album: a review by Igor Shveytser. Uriah Heep – “Look At Yourself” (09/1971), Bronze Records ILPS9169 (UK) / Mercury Records SRM-1-614 (USA/Canada) Having an

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Uriah Heep — «Salisbury» (review)

Uriah Heep — «Salisbury» (1971): a review by Igor Shveytser. Uriah Heep – “Salisbury” (02/1971, Vertigo Records 6360 028) / “Salisbury” (12/1970 Mercury Records SR 61 319) If there were a

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Uriah Heep — “Very ‘Eavy… Very ‘Umble” (review)

Uriah Heep “Very ‘Eavy… Very ‘Umble” (1970): a review by Igor Shveytser. Uriah Heep — “Very ‘Eavy… Very ‘Umble” (06/1970, Vertigo Records 6360 006) / “Uriah Heep” (09/1970 Mercury Records

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Diamonds are forever!

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER! by CHRIS WELCH | Melody Maker 29.1.1977. A MAJOR new British rock band is launched this week, featuring David Byron, the lead singer sacked last year from

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Uriah Heep: Demons and Wizards

Rolling Stone review of Demons and Wizards album. Author — Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, 23 November 1972. Uriah Heep: Demons and Wizards  IT’S A STRANGE TIME. Formerly exciting rock groups have

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